The little things add up. With many years of experience, our handyman knows exactly what to look for and how to fix it. We can tackle all the small and large issues at your home.

  • Replacing broken hinges, latches and handles.
  • Installation of mirrors and frames.
  • Fixing jammed doors, windows and cabinets.
  • Assembly/disassembly of furniture.

Installation of shelves, fences and all other small repairs.

Air Condition

Air conditioning system may develop problems with time. Whether requires repair, cleaning or gas refill, with our air condition services you can expect the best performance of your system.

  • Season Tune-ups & Inspections.
  • Installation, removal & repairs.
  • Cleaning, lubricating & programming.
  • Gas leak-inspecting, repair & refill.

Replacing thermostats, electronic boards & capacitors.


From time to time homeowners face trouble with wiring and electrical components. Our technicians are licensed electricians who can troubleshoot and fix the problems with high safety level.

  • Troubleshooting electric panels & distribution boards.
  • Voltage reading, testing & repairing short circuits.
  • Replacing circuit breakers, fuses & wires.
  • Install & replace lights, sockets and switches.

Making new & safe electrical connections.


Leaky pipes and tap can waste a lot of water and damage surroundings and could be a nightmare. Our skilled and experience plumbers can deal with all your plumbing issues.

  • Fix & replace washbasins, bathtubs & water-taps.
  • Fixing and repair bathroom accessories.
  • Replacing filters, pumps & water-
  • Clearing drainage and sewage system clogs.

Low water pressure diagnostics and repair.


Wood is a natural composite of cellulose fibre that easily get affected by temperature and humidity. Whether it’s a door or cabinet or piece of furniture, our home professional carpenters are skilled furniture builders who know how to treat wood.

  • Assemble & disassemble furniture.
  • Repair doors, frames & architraves.
  • Repair cabinets, chairs & tables.
  • Repair & replace locks, latches & hinges.
  • Varnishing and repairing furniture.

Deep Cleaning

Ready to move into your new house? Need someone to deep clean it and remove remnants and leftovers? Or just need a deep clean? We provide complete cleaning solutions.


Moving out of town and need some help loading and offloading? Or you need to move your furniture around? We got you covered! Have our strong helpers take care of your heavy-lifting.

Paint Repair

The change in seasons can destroy the beauty of your home paint. Whether you need a new paint job or need to repair damaged paint, we know what makes a great paint job.

Gypsum Repair

Many factors could wreck the gypsum boards. Our interior professionals can fix and replace gypsum panels, boards and walls. Repairing cracks, re-painting and recovering the originality of its surface.

Tiles Repair

Tiles are the beauty of the floor and when it’s damaged the whole place fade out. Whether it’s marble or ceramic, our home improvement professionals will bring back the beauty of your floor.

Floor Polishing

With the use of diamond pads and special crystallization products, we can remove unwanted marks and accumulated scratches on your marble or ceramic floor and make it shine as new.

Tank Cleaning

As per the experts, water tanks need to be cleaned every 6-months to stay disinfected and drinkable. Our advanced equipment and UV Sanitizer disinfect the airspace and surface without the use of harmful chemicals.

  • Checking the PH and contamination level.
  • Removing dirt, rust & debris from the tank.
  • Cleaning the internal & external tank walls.
  • Disinfect the tank airspace & surface.

Fill the tank with fresh water.

Pest control

We understand that discovering pests in your home or business is annoying and distressing. We use harmful and odorless solutions that kills all kind of bugs and insects wherever it is in your property.

Property Inspection

Full or quick property inspection, our experts can identify faults and dangers in your systems. And provide you with a comprehensive report which enables you to maintain a healthy home.

Pool maintenance

Been on vacation and now you have a green pond? Don’t worry, we are well trained to handle anything nature throws at us. We can restore your pool’s health and test its water purity and PH level.